January 21, 2011

Albert Hammond, Jr.

by Albert Hammond, Jr.
Genre- indie pop, indie rock
Location- from Los Angeles, California
Other Works- Como Te Llama?, 2008
More Info- Albert Louie Hammond Jr. was born in Los Angeles, CA on April 9th, 1980.  His father is singer/songwriter Albert Hammond, and his mother is the Argentinian model Claudia Fern├índez.  Albert Jr. is a member of The Strokes as well.  He went to a prestigious boarding school when he was 13 where he met Julian Casablancas.  Later in 1998 he and Casablancas met in NYC and formed their band The Strokes with some of Casablancas old schoolmates.  Hammond Jr. often wears formal three-piece suits at shows and is set to put out a line of suits with designer/stylist Ilaria Urbinati in the future.  
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