December 8, 2010


by ESG
 Genre- electronic, R&B, dance, electro
Location- South Bronx, NY
Other Works- ESG, 1991
Step Off, 2002
Keep on Moving, 2006
More Info- ESG stands for Emerald, Sapphire, and Gold.  The band consists of the 4 Scroggins sisters...Deborah (bass, vocals), Marie (congas, vocals), Renee (guitar, vocals), Valerie (drums).  ESG formed when the girls were just teenagers with the help of their mother, buying them all instruments originally to keep them busy and out of trouble.  They based their sound out of their love for James Brown, Motown, and Latin music.  ESG was very influential on the following genres of music: post punk, no wave, hip hop, house, and disco.
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