December 8, 2010

Kanye West

by Kanye West
Genre- hip hop
Location- Chicago, Illinois
Other Works- The College Dropout, 2004
Late Registration, 2005
Late Orchestration: Live at Abbey Road Studios, 2006
Graduation, 2007
My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, 2010
More Info- Born on June 8th, 1977 as Kanye Omari West in Atlanta Georgia.  At the age of three he and his mother moved to Chicago, IL.  His mother, Dr. Donda West was an English professor, and his father was a former Black Panther and photojournalist.  His mother passed away on November 10th, 2007 after complications of surgery.  
Kanye has won many awards and Grammys for his work.  He runs his own record label, GOOD Music, which host such artists as Common and Kid Cudi.
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